30 January 2024

Glenda *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Glenda D2024-04

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Great with cats
  • Sog savvy teenagers

Glenda is an almost 3 year old Cavashon that has stolen the heart of everyone who has met her! This beautiful, gentle girl continues to come out of her shell a little every day. She will happily snuggle by foster mum, enjoying a fuss, and will now nuzzle and give licks to keep her going! She’s just started to roll onto her back and wave her paws too, which is cuteness itself and brings even more cuddles from foster mum!. She has met a few people outside her foster home but although timid with people, she’s happily sniffed and wagged her tail at doggy friends from foster mum’s lap.

Glenda is becoming braver every day. She loves to follow foster mum and the resident dogs around the house and in and out of the garden. She doesn’t like loud noises or quick movements, and will rush off to her safe place to hide.

Wonderful with the resident cat. Happy to let him give head rubs!

Glenda could live with dog savvy teenagers.

Glenda is just starting to learn the joy of playing with toys, and enjoys chewing on crinkle sheep’s ear! She absolutely adores playing with the resident dogs, running, jumping and zooming around!

Glenda will wear a harness and lead, and is getting used to walking wearing them.

She currently sleeps in her dog bed next to foster parent’s bed and loves to jump up for morning cuddles!

She toilets outside and has started to make little cries to say she needs to be let out.

Glenda eats separately from the resident dogs, to have space and time to eat. She knows treat time now, and will wait with the other dogs for a little piece of cheese!

Glenda would need a home with someone around most of the time, and crucially, at least one gentle, friendly dog to learn from, and play with. She is a shy girl who will rely on her dog sibling to help her build confidence and trust in her new human family. Glenda plays like a puppy, all flappy paws and rolling, so a playful, young dog would be perfect! Glenda needs a safe, secure garden in which to continue her training, and to be free to explore and play. A constantly busy home would be overwhelming for her, she needs the predictability of routine and time in order to grow and flourish into the dog she should be.

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Pen Y Cae, Powys