17 June 2023

Gizmo *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Gizmo D2023-63

  • Needs another patient
  • No cats
  • Older teenage children
  • Active family to wear him out and keep up his training

Gizmo is a playful and energetic 16 month old Yorkshire Terrier who has had an upsetting time recently. He hasn’t been given any boundaries and has clearly been spoilt and adored by a previous owner. Foster mum describes him as a live wire who is nosy, cheeky and has an opinion on a variety of things. All this said, he is a very loving and friendly little chap, who is pleased to meet new people.

No known health issues.

Gizmo likes to “mouth” your hands and this play can progress if not managed appropriately. Since being in foster, we have not allowed mouthing of hands and new owners need to keep up the training. He came with toys but is more people orientated. The toys have been used as a distraction away from hands. He hasn’t been given direction as a puppy and likes to try and rule the roost. He has started training to associate being asked to do things as a positive and this needs to be kept up. As a typical Yorkie he can try to nip if handled or surprised.

Gizmo eats like a carthorse and can even be food frantic pushing other dogs off their food. He needs to be fed separately and using a slow feeder. He is not at all the usual fussy Yorkie.

He has not met cats or small furries but due to his nature we would not recommend he is homed with any.

Gizmo could be housed with older teenage children who will keep up his education to teach him manners.

Gizmo loves his walks and walks nicely on a lead. He can be a bit wary of traffic and likes to get a good look at things before he makes his mind up. This is improving and he is starting to love his little adventures.

He currently sleeps downstairs but would rather be on the bed. However, his 2am ruff n tumble sessions mean he has been banished. He does not like a crate or the pen and can become fearful but is learning this is a safe space and he gets rewarded for being good.

House training is a work in progress and there have been a few accidents but a routine and lots of positive reinforcement means he is getting there.

Gizmo is very fast, non-stop, and can jump incredibly high! He needs an active family to wear him out and keep that buzzing at a manageable level. He may even enjoy Agility or Hoopers. He is certainly not a retirement dog and deserves lots of adventures. He would benefit from another patient dog to play with, but could be an only dog with owners home most of the time. Needs new owner committed to his ongoing training


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Frome, Somerset