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Garfield is around 6 years old and is an absolutely gorgeous boy who you will have to be careful not to spoil rotten. He is a very lazy cat who will happily spend all day in (your) bed except to get up to eat (not lasagne) or go to the toilet. He tends to wake up a bit more in the evening, taking time to bat at a dangler toy and approach his fosterers for fuss and to be picked up onto the sofa. He enjoys watching the screen while they are playing video games.
Though a former stray, he is obviously very used to human contact. Endearingly, he is a good communicator – meowing to get you to follow him to his food bowl or a door which he wants opening. He is affectionate- headbutting you for chin rubs when being stroked or brushed- but will walk away from you when he has had enough. When content, he drools, and will occasionally emit a very quiet purr. He has recently started to lay down on top of his fosters while they are in bed, or uses their hands as a pillow when feeling sleepy.
Garfield does have a bad leg which limits his ability to groom himself, but he enjoys being brushed and is non-aggressive when being groomed or bathed. He uses his litter tray well typically, but may toilet at the front door when he has had a stressful day.
Garfield is FIV+ which means that he will need to be rehomed as an only cat, or with other FIV+ cats and will have to be a house cat or have access to a catio. He is likely suitable for a home with cat-savvy children as he is very gentle.


6 Years Old

Neutered, vaccinated, chipped and up to date flea and wormer