10 February 2019

Fluffy & Bitsy ***ADOPTED***

By FOAW staff
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Fluffy (male) and Bitsy (Female) are around 3 or 4 years old and are looking for a home together. Bitsy greets you with head bumps and really enjoys head, and ear rubs. She enjoys her food and sometimes shares with Fluffy. She loves exploring and never tires of finding new hiding places. Bitsy can be a little shy, until she gets to know you. Fluffy (I call him Fluffety Buffety) adores his cuddles. He will happily let you carry him around like a baby whilst you do your chores. He also loves his food and is not averse to pinching some of Bitsy’s too – but only if she lets him! Wherever Fluffy leads, Bitsy is happy to follow. They both have oodles of personality and are very loving. They would relish the opportunity to show some very lucky guardians just how much love and entertainment they can offer. They would need a home with older or cat savvy children. They have seen a dog and didn’t eat him but have not spent a great deal of time with them so possibly a cat savvy dog.

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