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Name: Flora

Age: 5 years old

Breed: Shih tzu x poodle

Fostered in: South Wales

Health issues: Flora has no known health issues


Flora is an ex breeding girl. She is fully house trained and is a gorgeous well-behaved little girl who is slowly learning to trust her humans. When flora arrived, she was not happy around humans and would run to safety if you even looked at her. She is slowly getting better around humans now but will still run if she feels threatened or caught off guard.

People: Flora has bonded very well with her foster mum. She will scratch her leg to be picked up and will follow her around and watch her constantly. Her foster mum can pick her up and cuddle her with no problems. Flora is not as keen on her foster dad though and is wary of him touching her and approaching her. She did make a few growly noises at him when he approached her for her first few weeks, but she is now very slowly getting better. She’s definitely a woman’s girl. Flora is happy for her foster mum to brush her and touch her but not as keen on anyone else getting close to her.

Can live with children: Flora has not been around any children as none live in her foster home, but it’s probably best if she is not rehomed with young children as they may scare her with their energy and loudness. Flora would be better rehomed in an adult only home or a family with teenage children.

Can live with cats: Not tested.

Can live with Dogs: Flora lives with her foster brother,she pays no attention what so ever to him and what he’s doing. She will often take herself in the other room away from her foster parents and foster dog and sleep in her bed. Flora would not be bothered as an only dog as long as she was not being left alone and someone was home most of the time. She does like her own company and company of her foster mum when it suits her, but if rehomed with a resident dog she could also learn or rely on them when scared or unsure.

In the home: Flora is fully house trained and sleeps in the kitchen on her bed. She had a crate when she first arrived but was found fast asleep outside the crate on her blanket in the mornings, so it was taken away. Flora is not destructive and now and again she will attempt to play with her toys. She will throw them one by one up into the air till the basket is empty, her foster mum says when she does this you can see her cheeky little side bursting to come out and this makes her smile. Flora loves to eat and eats well. Flora has no toy or food aggression and can be left short periods with no problems.

Out and about: Unfortunately, due to restrictions with Covid – 19 Flora is not up to date with her vaccinations, she has not yet been on a proper walk. Her foster mum has walked her up and down the drive on her lead though and she walks beautiful.

Type of home: Flora would suit a home with just adults or a family with teenage children. Young children would scare her, and she would find it hard to flourish. With the right family flora could possibly go as an only dog or preferably a family with a laid back gentle dog that would not be in her face or expect her to play as she is quite independent and likes her own or human company (When it suits her).

Flora is up to date with her flea and worming treatment but dur to lock down restrictions she is awaiting neutering and vaccination.

Due to Covid19 lock down restrictions, we are only accepting local re homing applications.

I come with five weeks insurance from Agria Pet Insurance.