16 April 2023

Fidget *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Fidget D2023-17

  • Can be an only dog with lots of attention and guidance
  • Could live with a resident calm dog who doesn’t mind sharing space with a gangly baby
  • Good with other dogs and cats
  • Assisted adoption
  • Patient and loving owners

****New owners need to be happy to travel to a vets in Marlow, Crewe, Cardiff or Bridgend to see his specialist which will be covered by us****

Fidget is a 6 month old Dalmatian puppy with some health issues that need a very special family to take him on and give him adventures but also make sure he gets regular checks with the vets supported by FOA for his life. Fidget has a heart murmur which doesn’t require surgery or medication currently but he will need this monitored as he grows and gets older, he is under the care of a cardiologist and this will be continued by FOA when in his forever home.

Fidget also suffers from a type of puppy arthritis that means as his growth plates are growing, he gets pain in his legs so until he is 20mnths and has fully grown he may have good days and bad days with his joints which mean he might need less walks and more sofa cuddles on certain days. This is controlled with pain relief and he is a typical puppy regardless of his medical issues.

Fidget is a typical Dalmatian, into everything, eager to investigate anything and wanting to be where ever you are in the house. He can be a little reserved when first meeting people out of the home but as soon as he sniffs a treat, he will be their best friend for life! On a walk fidget currently thinks everything is for sniffing or eating so he needs owners that are committed to making him realise that the treats come from looking up not looking down and foraging.

In the house fidget now sleeps downstairs with no issue but initially he had separation issues so any prospective home should be prepared to settle him in and work on any anxiety he may show when he moves into a new home.

Fidget is a cheeky, inquisitive puppy who definitely keeps you on your toes. You won’t have to worry if you accidentally leave shoes around, he’ll bring them to you, if you leave any food on the kitchen counter edge, he may product test for your safety and if you need help weeding the garden, he is a very keen amateur gardener (no guarantees the shoes, food or plants will enjoy his help). After all this helping he is also a real cuddle monster and loves a sofa blanket nap.

Fidget ignores the resident cat, and although interested in birds on a walk he lives with a parrot with no prey drive shown or real interest other than hoping to share parrot food.

Fidget is a big giraffe like puppy who likes to use his long legs while asking for a cuddle on a sofa, and doesn’t really have any awareness of obstacles or things in his way if he’s playing or investigating so a home with older children that can take an active role in his training and vet care would be fine. Due to his occasional joint pain children will need to respect his need for rest and calm just as much as fun and play.

Fidget loves playing with toys and other dogs, due to his joints he’s not allowed to run around too much or engage in lots of rough play, but he’s always very happy to find another dog to play with. Initially in the home fidget was quite jealous of other dogs getting attention or sharing space with him, but now he will happily curl up with the others on a sofa or share space in the car etc.

Fidget walks well on a harness and lead.

He sleeps downstairs without issue overnight.

Fidget is nearly house trained, due to the medication he’s on for his joints he needs more frequent reminders to go outside compared to other dogs of similar age, but he will now go towards the back door when he needs to go out, and gives circling warnings if he is distracted while playing but then will follow instructions to go straight outside. When out he likes to find exactly the right spot so needs an owner willing to give him un pressured time on walks in one area to go and reward with treats which is working brilliantly for him at present.

Fidget is a puppy who’s learning lots in his foster home with a range of dogs in size and age. He is fed separately to other dogs as he is still food reactive while eating but will take treats next to others with no issue. Any prospective home should be committed to continuing his development and learning and have read up or be willing to follow training advice to continue managing his learning around food and crates if they are to be used in any home.

Fidget needs a Dalmatian or similar breed experienced home, with a family or someone willing to treat him like a puppy but also appreciate some days he’ll be quieter than normal and some days he might need more direction and guidance on things if he’s not experienced them before. He is a very inquisitive puppy who is in to everything so he needs a home accepting of the fact he will show up and want to be everywhere and see everything initially, and needs consistent messages for training so he grows up to be a well adjusted dog. He could live as an only dog or with an adult calm dog that would be tolerant of a young dog invading their space. He needs owners that are home the majority of the day or have capacity to take fidget to work as he doesn’t like being left for long periods and gets stressed in a crate. Fidget is a fun, busy, whirlwind of a puppy that will bring a lot of laughs as well as a lot of training challenges but whoever opens their home and heart to this puppy will get so much back in return and fidget deserves the chance to be a loved pet in a forever home despite his medical issues as he loves life and wants to see it all.

To be adopted on a neutering and training agreement

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Crewe