3 November 2022

Fern *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Fern D2022-159

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Older dog savvy children
  • Can live with dog savvy cats
  • Patient owners who will help her adjust

Fern is a 7 year old Bichon described by her foster mum as a small girl at around 7kg. She is gentle and calm and can easily be frightened by loud noises or sudden changes in the household. She is the sweetest girl who is loving home comforts with snuggly warm blankets and bouncy fluffy dog beds to curl up in and snooze away the hours. She loves the company of her human who feeds her yummy food and gives in to those bichon eyes and will feed her small treats.

Veterinary history to be discussed

Fern is still a little nervous around strangers but is improving all the time. She will cautiously move towards people for a sniff then back off to make a decision.

Fern has met local children in the park and was okay whilst they were quiet but became a little shaky when noise levels went up. We would recommend that she is homed with older dog savvy children of 10 and over or could even live in a child free home.

Fern lives with an elderly rescue cat and has no issues with him. She hasn’t met any other small furry animals. She has not met any dog outside her foster home except at the vets where she just watched but didn’t approach them.

Fern is quite relaxed in her foster home and has claimed one of her foster buddy bichons to cuddle up to and show her that the world is not a scary place and if you look all cute and give those bichon eyes you will get treats, it’s fool proof really and she’s learnt it very quickly.

Fern likes to snooze on the sofa with her buddy once she’s had her treats. At night she likes to cuddle up on her foster mums bed and will sleep soundly all night. She will expect this to continue so if you don’t like dogs on your bed Fern isn’t for you as she loves the company of her human and feels safe when near and will look to you for reassurance.

Toilet trying is going really well and Fern is 95% there but you must expect that she may have a few accidents in your home until she is sure of her way around, following the resident dog will show her where she needs to go and she is a quick learner.

Fern has been on short walks to the local park near her foster home She is eager to go out when she sees her doggy buddies getting ready and doesn’t mind having her harness on. She is however still nervous of the outside world so will need gentle encouragement and patience and have a slow build up to longer walks and new places to visit.

Fern would like a home with people around for most of the day although she has been left for a few hours with her dog buddies. She will need a resident dog around the same size to keep her company and that she can learn from. A child free home or children of 10 and older who will know that she needs gentle calm handling. Young visiting children will need to be reminded that Fern is a gentle fur baby who needs gentle handling. A quieter home would be best as she is a quiet gentle little girl although if frightened, she has quite a deep bark for such a little one.  She will need small frequent walks to help her gain confidence in the big wide world and be allowed to snooze on the sofa and cuddle up to you on your bed at night time.

Neutered female

1St vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Barry, South Wales

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance