18 October 2020

Felix & Lola ****ADOPTED***

By FOAW staff
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Lola & Felix

Lola is 9 months old and is a little bit of a drama queen, and a chatty one at that. She is crazy and playful just like her brother in crime. She likes to sit on a window sill or chest of drawers in the sun for a snooze. Her favourite thing is to play with her fur brother chasing, running, play fighting and when they have worn each other out they will snuggle and snooze together. Lola has been outside on a harness and has been fine. Oh, and she will do anything for some Dreamies.

Felix is 5 months old and the sweetest little kitten. He loves to snuggle with a human, or with his fur sister Lola. He’s a crazy, playful kitten too and loves to chase a bell, ball, piece of foil, piece of plastic….well anything that you throw for him really. He’s fascinated by water and waits for his foster mum to get out of the shower so he can chase the drips. He’s just a typical, adorable kitten. He has been on a harness outside but wasn’t at all keen.

They are currently living with a calm cat savvy dog and have been fine

9 Months and 5 months

Neutered and Spayed Pair

Have to be homed together

Could live with a calm dog

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

They come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.