3 September 2023

Ellie & Tippi *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Ella and Tippi D2023-116/117

  • Need to be rehomed together
  • They can be as a pair or live with other dogs
  • Not cat or small furry tested
  • Older sensible children
  • Patient and loving family who will spoil them rotten

Ella is 6 years old and Tippi is 4. The girls are not currently looking their best but are 100% better than they were. They are preparing for next years summer body now.

Ella and Tippi are Shih tzu’s and believed to be mother and daughter. They need to be rehomed together as they are very bonded. They are described by their foster mum as dear little souls that just want to be loved. They have not had the best start and came into rescue as ex breeders with quite severe skin problems so don’t currently look their best. Foster mum has worked really hard and they are now waiting to blossom into the dogs that they should have always been.

They are fine with other dogs.

Currently their favourite thing is being outside in the sun ( with doggy sun jackets so they don’t burn)  or lying on a sunbed in the shade. They are very low maintenance and are just enjoying being safe and loved. They have recently discovered the sofa and cuddles and are always up for a pat or tickle under the chin. Most of the time you don’t even know they are around just the odd bark.

Tippi likes playing with a ball or toy and Ella just watches. They have their own little characters with Tippi being playful and Ella being the watchful assessing one. They are not particularly nervous dogs they are just very much accepting of everything and not reactive to things at all.

Both are fine with gentle children and have been enjoying the attention.

Not cat or small furry tested

Lead and harness training is very much a work in progress. They are fine wearing a harnesses but are working on having the lead attached. This training will need to continue in the garden once they have settled before progressing outside to the big wide world.

They currently sleep in their own beds in the kitchen and sleep all night.

House training is almost there they just need reminding occasionally to go outside.

They both eat fine not greedy and not bothered about other dogs being around.

The girls need to be rehomed together and this could be as a pair or with other dogs. They would fit in lovely to any home. They need a family who is going to adore and spoil them. These girls when ready are not going to need big long walks but they still should get to enjoy the outside world once they are ready.


1St vaccs, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Newport

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria Pet insurance