10 March 2021

Duke *******ADOPTED******

By FOAW staff
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REF: D2021-09


Calm children 12 and over

Owners home most of the time

Neutered 1st and 2nd jab

Duke is a 3 year old Saluki x Collie and is a real gentleman, he loves nothing more than company both human and canine. He is one of the most gentle and loyal dogs I have had the pleasure of meeting and caring for. He is currently living with 8 other dogs both male and female with no issues.

He is starting to play fetch with a ball and after a play or walk loves nothing more than a good snuggle up on the sofa or in a soft cosy bed. He is a very intelligent dog and is easy to train using treats as rewards. He isn’t destructive but will steal food off worktops etc if left alone.

He is very happy to be handled, brushed, bathed, have his nails clipped and ears cleaned. He goes to the dog grooming salon that foster mum owns and is happy to meet and accept all dogs into the salon with a waggy tail. He is much happier being left with another dog for short periods but does suffer from anxiety if left on his own.

Duke hasn’t been around children so I feel that he would only be suitable for a home with either none or older children. He hasn’t been cat tested but has met chickens, sheep and a rabbit with no issues. He hates being left on his own and is better left with the company of another dog for a few hours.

Duke is an absolute treasure to care for. He has the occasional accident in the house but this is more from anxiety when left as he tends to panic. He loves nothing more than to curl up either in a soft cosy bed or by your side on the sofa. He will enter a crate on his own terms but does not like being shut in.

He loves his food and treats but will also steal any food left on worktops or anywhere accessible to him. He has no food or toy aggression and is actually fed in the same room as two other dogs and has learnt to eat his own dinner and leave the other dogs alone until they have finished their meals. I can take anything away from him with no issues including his dinner or toys.

Duke is a dream to walk, he just loves to be out and about with you. He has been let off the lead in a secure field but would benefit from more recall training. He travels very well and just curls up for a snooze. He is an angel at the vets with no issues whatsoever.

Duke deserves a loving home preferably with someone at home most of the day and maybe another dog where he isn’t left on his own for too long. He is quite a sensitive soul and will respond well to a gentle and kind voice. He is a wonderful dog and will make someone the perfect loyal companion. He has no aggressive tendencies and when bonded will stick to you like glue.

Neutered Male

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Duke comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Duke is fostered in the Uttoxeter area