13 August 2018

Rehomed – Doreen and Margaret – 6-year old Bernese Mountain Dogs

By FOAW staff
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Name: Doreen & Margaret
Age: 6 Years
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog Tri coloured 
Can I live with Children?: Older ones only please
Can I live with cats?: No, we will chase cats
Can I live with other dogs?: Yes
Fostered In: Rhondda, South Wales


Doreen and Margaret are two lovely ex-puppy farm ladies aged 6 years who are looking for a home together. They are six years old and are being fostered in RCT, South Wales. Doreen has had some medical issues that will need monitoring so she will be a long-term foster where FOAW will meet all the non-routine vets costs and medication. ‘Adopters’ will be responsible for regular costs such as vaccinations, worming (and grooming!) Margaret is healthy so will be adopted in the conventional way.

Initially Doreen is the most inquisitive but once Margaret knows you she often ventures into the living room for a cuddle. They both love their treats and will never fail to make you smile. They currently live in a bungalow if foster mum is in the bedroom Margaret sticks her head through the window to watch what she’s doing or if there’s any food on offer. Doreen loves to be outside and has just started to show signs of play although as soon as she knows she is being watched she stops


People – Due to their past these two ladies can be wary of people when they first meet but are quick to trust and love the company of humans. Children will need to be older and savvy as to the needs of these girls. Doreen and Margaret will come to you for a fuss and are happy to be stroked all over. They are quite independent though and are happy to do their own thing. Both enjoy a brush

Dogs –  They live with other dogs in their foster home but seem indifferent preferring each others company


Cats – No cats please


In the home – Doreen and Margaret need a quiet home with access to a garden which is their preferred relaxing spot when it’s not raining. They are house trained but if they do not have access to outside they will not wait at this stage. Still a bit of work to do. They can be left and, other than the odd exploding dog bed, they are well behaved and happy. They are not keen on loud noises associated with housework and will prefer to avoid them.


Out and about – Walking and the great outside world are new to Doreen and Margaret so walks should begin with short forays. They enjoy walking together but, as they are strong girls, two adults may be better.

Type of home – These beautiful girls would like a home with a garden where they can potter. Part time workers would be fine as they are happy to be left together for short periods. No small children but sensible older children would be fine. They really just need a kind home where they can learn about being a pet and be spoilt and showered with love. 


Doreen and Margaret are neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with their flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet them in their foster home in Rhondda, South Wales