Della – 7-year old Bichon Frise – South Wales

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Name: Della

Age: 7-years old

Breed: Bichon Frise

Can I live with Children: Older sensible ones

Can I live with cats: Yes

Can I live with other dogs: Yes, a must 

Fostered In: Barry, South Wales

Della is a 7-year old ex-breeding Bichon Frise, who is being fostered in Barry, South Wales. She is a lovely affectionate girl, who enjoys fuss and will lick you in return!  Della has settled straight away in her foster home and gets on well with the resident dogs. Sometimes when you talk to her, she cocks her head to one side, which is very cute. Della has congenital cataracts but you wouldn’t even realise this only noticeable when you look into her eyes, but doesn’t hold her back at all.

People – Della is more interested in other people’s dogs than in the owners. She is very friendly when she greets another dog. Della likes to be fussed and is quite good at being groomed. She didn’t like having her ears brushed but is fine with that now.

Dogs –   Della is a former breeding girl so gets on with dogs very well. She must have at least one other dog to live with in her new home. When she meets another dog, her tail goes like crazy, but it twirls in a circle rather than the usual wag!

Cats – Della can live with cats

In the home – Della is housetrained and has only ever had one accident in the house, although her new owners will have to give her time to settle. Della discovered the cat flap straight away so she goes out as and when she needs to go. Della sleeps upstairs in her fosterer’s bedroom on a dog bed on the floor. Della hates the crate with a passion and will howl and bark and try to get escape. As she is such a good dog a crate is not required. Della is not destructive at all, but she does like to delve into the recycling and rip any packets she can lick! She isn’t yet interested in toys. Della eats well and enjoys her food. Della does not really like to be left and will howl and bark when you go out but this doesn’t last too long. She has been left for about 4 hours.

Out and about – Della walks well on a lead. She does like a run, which she has on a training lead. There have been no problems travelling in a car and she behaves well in the vets        .

Type of home – Della is looking for a retirement pad with older people who like walking and whose lives seem to revolve around their dogs!  She will be happier with someone at home most of the time. Della has congenital cataracts but this doesn’t hold her back at all. The only drawback is that she can’t see too well into the distance; she doesn’t bump into anything in the home or outside.

Della is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Barry, South Wales

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