8 October 2023


By Emma
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Clara D2023-120

  • Needs a resident dog
  • No children or late teens
  • Fine with cats
  • Patient and loving owners

Clara is estimated to be around 5 years old and is a nervous Bichon who is very much a work in progress. As an ex breeder her view of the world was very limited with no love given. Her world has now been turned upside down so she is trying to find where she fits into it. Having rescued too many to count like Clara we know that as fosterers we have done all we can now and she needs to grow in her forever home with her special family. Anyone who has adopted an ex breeder knows the very familiar one step forward and two back that this journey will be, but it will be so worth it. To see her blossom into the princess she should have always been is just so rewarding.

Clara is nervous of people and her first instinct is to stay away and avoid any contact at present. Her foster family allowed her time to decompress and think about the world and now she is starting to become more at ease with them but eye contact, unexpected movement, loud sounds all overwhelm her and she will seek a safe space to work things out. Her new family will need to ensure they put no pressure on Clara until she shows an interest in them. This is going to be all on her terms.

Despite this Clara is far more relaxed in the garden with the resident dogs. Her tail goes up and she’s even had a few little rolls in the grass! She hasn’t met any people outside her foster family yet.

Clara is at the very beginning of her journey and is learning that she is now safe and has just recently given gentle licks to foster mum’s hand in the morning. She will need her humans to have patience and give her all the time she needs to venture into her new family life. She is such a lovely, gentle girl, the rewards for her forever family will be just wonderful.

Clara takes no notice at all of her foster family’s cat.

Foster mum feels that an adult only home is the best environment to help Clara feel safe and secure.

Clara hasn’t shown an interest in playing with toys yet, but will sometimes rest her head on soft toys when placed in her bed. She is beginning to follow the resident dogs outside, sniffing and exploring, and will watch them playing together.

Clara will let foster mum put harness on, and attach a lead but will pull away and try to escape if any pressure is put on it. This is all new to her and it’s going to take time. Her first reaction is flight, her forever family will need to slowly help her learn to trust them and to believe that she is now safe and sound.

Clara sleeps right through the night in a dog bed next to foster parent’s bed.

Clara is clean overnight and toilets in the garden, She does not ask to be let out but will go into the garden if the door is open.

Clara eats separately from the resident dogs at present due to her nervousness, but will now eat her food with foster mum sitting quietly in the same room. She is learning how lovely treats are, and will now accept little bits of chicken, ham and cheese from foster mum’s hand. She has never shown any resource guarding over food.

Clara needs a quiet, calm home environment where her new family have experience in nurturing and caring for frightened, rescued souls like gentle Clara. An adult only home would be best, with a gentle, calm dog to help Clara learn that her new humans are kind and loving, and to help her learn how wonderful a dog’s life can be. She will need access to a completely secure garden, with no chance of escape. It’s also important for someone to be home most of the time to help Clara form a positive and bonding relationship.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria Pet insurance

Fostered in Pen Y Cae, Powys