8 June 2024


By Emma
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Christina D2024-84

  • Can be an only dog
  • She can also live with a calm dog
  • Older teenage children or no children
  • Patient loving family

Christina is a 5 year old mini long haired Dachshund described by her foster family as the most adorable, beautiful little dashy, who will steal your heart. She is very gentle but nervous and shy at times but once she trusts you she loves nothing more than to follow you around hoping you’ll sit down and pick her up for a cuddle. Once she has chosen to be your friend she will never be far away.

Christina is picky with other choosing her doggy friends. She has been fine with some dogs in the foster home but irritable and argumentative with another who is in her face and very playful.

Christina is scared of cats and if approach by one will either scream and stay away or if encouraged by the other dog in the home will chase it.

She hasn’t been around children whilst she’s been in foster and dur to her quiet, shy, reserved nature, we think she would probably prefer a home without children or older teenage children who will give her space and time to choose you as a friend.

She hasn’t yet played with toys or shown any interest in them yet.

Christina hasn’t been out on a walk yet as she’s not fully vaccinated. She will let you put a harness on and attach the lead, she is unsure of how to walk on the lead, but is practicing in the garden.

Christina sleeps in a crate and is dry all night.

Christina is nearly house trained, but will sometimes have the odd accident if you’re not on the ball. She does go out the garden but if you know she needs to go you need to go out the garden and she will follow you. If you go out the garden with her you cannot watch her toilet you need to pretend to do something and watch her from afar so she thinks you’re not looking, she’s a lady and likes her privacy.

Christina has a good appetite and is just learning what treats are.

Christina can be homed as an only dog or with knowledgeable owners and a quiet dog. She is picky of her friends and positive introductions are a must. A home with kind, gentle, loving humans who will have the time and patience to let her come out of her shell in her own time and not rush her. She hasn’t seen much of the outside world and we would love her to experience all the things a dog could only dream of.  She is the most precious, beautiful little dog and deserves only the very best home.


1st vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport