11 November 2021

Casper ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Casper D2021-182

My names Bond, James Bond. No, it’s not but I’ve always wanted to say that. My name is Casper and I’m a 14 week old King Charles Cavalier cross Cocker.

Are you reading carefully then let’s begin. I was chosen from an elite group of dogs to be put with foster mum so I could learn to be the best of the best. What I’ve learnt is foster mum is an 80’s epic film fanatic Ha Ha Ha, don’t tell her I told u that. Since being in foster I’ve watched Goonies, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters and Top Gun. Can you guess what my favourite was, let’s see if u can guess.

As I said I’m training to be the best of best doggos so this means I’ve been brushing up on my skills. My toilet training skills, my listening skills and my team skills. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m no Maverick. You see I didn’t have the best start in life so I’m missing that extra confidence that Maverick has. I do however think I’m like Goose. I’m loyal, faithful and loving and all I need now is a Maverick to complete our little dream team.  

I need to be part of a team to fulfil my true potential which means a family that is supportive of me and my needs. With children who are also the best of the best and will understand when I’m a little timid or nervous and will give me time to work things out.

I’ve been practicing my manoeuvring skills in the garden on something called a lead and feel I’m almost ready to go out into the big wide world with my wing men. Oh, hang on I need to wait for something called my second jab first. It protects me against alien invasion apparently. I’m not sure what that is but I don’t want any nasty bugs hindering my quest to be the best.

I need my wing men to be patient, loving and understanding. A team that will help me integrate into the big wide world. I don’t think that I will get to fly any planes but I want to fly as the best doggo I can be.

Now for the technical bit stay with me. I wonder how many have read this far or have just applied on my cute pics.

I need another dog in the home to be my wing man and give me confidence. I have had my microchip and have had my first vaccination. I will be adopted on a neutering and training agreement. I could live with a cat if introductions are done carefully. I don’t know what one is and I don’t want them to eat me. I can live with sensible little people. Above all I need a family who will love me unconditionally and help me become the best of the best.

Hope to meet you soon my best of the best families love Casper.

Fostered in the Cardiff area

Casper will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance