27 March 2024

Cariad Bach *****ADOPTED******

By Emma
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Cariad Bach D2024-36

  • Needs a resident dog to learn to dog
  • Isn’t bothered by cats
  • Needs a loving family


Carri is a 6 year old Mini Dachshund described by her foster mum as an amazingly loving girl who is so happy and excited for every new day. She has had a ruff past but is now making up for the 6 years she missed as a much loved pet. She loves snuggling and getting in all the dog beds (she seems so happy to have one). Her tail is always wagging as she speedily trots from one place to another following her humans and Foster sister.

Carri can be shy occasionally but is so loving and happy to see people. She had a number of teeth removed when she first came into rescue and since this she seems to have a new lease of life and loves new experiences. Thriving on each positive experience.

She ignores the cat and is good with her foster sister and will follow her every where learning to dog.

She has never been tried with children but we would recommend older dog savvy sensible children.

At present she doesn’t realise what play is but loves exploring the garden and having a gold old sniff of everything she can find. Grass under her feet and is new and she is taking every new opportunity in her little sausage stride.

Carri has started harness and lead training but this is going to be a work in progress. She’s OK wearing a harness but no pressure has been put on the lead and she is enjoying following another dog and learning. She has not been out in the big wide world yet but once settled in her forever home and when feeling safe she will be ready to take these steps.

Carri currently sleeps on foster mums bed or anywhere the other dog sleeps. She sleeps all night and has cute little sausage safe dreams.

Toilet training is a work in progress she needs a routine and is fine as long as she is taken out frequently and rewarded when she has been good. Like most sausages she doesn’t like to go out alone to do her toilet and definitely does not like going out in the rain so a family with a nice big umbrella and lots of patience would be good. This will of course get better as she settles and feels safe.

Cariad currently eats in the another room as the resident dog is bossy and will eat her food. She is learning what treats are and her current favourite is bratwurst.

Cariad needs a home with another dog and a patient loving family. When settled she will enjoy going new places and sniffing new smells. She loves everything and will follow another doggy proudly trotting behind with her head held high. She is the sweetest little girl looking for her second chance at the perfect life.


1st Vaccs, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Cardiff