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Hello there! My name is Caramel. I am 8 years of age, a tortoiseshell cat, who loves to hunt!. I thoroughly enjoy bringing my ‘gifts’ home to my guardian. I am not ‘typical’, by any means, and have been told that I am totally unique and a bit of a diva! I would allow you to make a fuss of me – but it would have to be on my own terms and I will tell you when I have had enough. My ideal home would be on a farm or somewhere with lots of land, where I could have my own space. There I could hunt to my heart’s content. All you would need to do is feed me and make sure that I get my annual boosters. I am a healthy, active cat (given the chance) and all my vaccinations are up to date. PLEASE could someone give me the chance to be the cat that I was meant to be.

Lots of licks, Caramel.



8 Years Old

Spayed, vaccinated, chipped up to date, flea, wormer and vaccinations

Adoption fee £50


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