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Our girl Caramel is still looking for her forever home. She’s changed so much since being in foster. She’s full of energy and loves to hunt she is desperate to find her forever home so she can go bring her new owners presents. She likes to drag her toys around until her foster mum gets the message that it’s time to play. Being a typical Tortie Caramel swing between demanding and loving attention to wanting some space. Caramel is looking for a home where she can be free to come and go after a period of adjustment. Caramel is a typical nosy neighbour and loves to sit in the window watching the outside world go by. Caramel needs someone who will respect that she wants her own space on occasion and whilst she is affectionate it is very much on her own terms with a toothy reprimand for anyone who crosses a boundary.


8 Years Old

Spayed, vaccinated, chipped up to date, flea, wormer and vaccinations

Adoption fee £50


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