10 June 2020


By Celeste Rendall
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Ref no – D2020-093

Name: Captain Pugwash.

Age: 10 years old approx.

Breed: Griffon.

Fostered in: South Wales.


Health conditions: Pugwash has a grade 2 heart murmur. His teeth and ears are in poor condition. He only has one testicle but is booked in with the vet to have this corrected when he is neutered.

Pugwash is an adorable happy little chap; he comes running up to people with his tail wagging. He loves his treats and will sit for them. He likes having his head, chin and ears stroked. Not sure of his age but possibly older than 6. He is fine with other dogs but prefers ones his own size. Pugwash is interested in everything going on around him and gets excited at feed or treat time. He is not used to lead walks but that is progressing

People: Pugwash is always excited to see people; he can be a bit nervous at first of being touched but a bit of patience works wonders. He loves having a cuddle and having his chin and ears scratched and stroked. He tolerates being bathed as he does having his ear drops.

Can live with children: Not tested

Can live with cats: Not tested. He has seen our cat from a distance and did not react.

Can live with other dogs: Pugwash is fine with all the 5 other dogs of various sizes in his foster home, but he particularly likes ones his own size. He will need a confident companion dog in his forever home. Pugwash has not yet been out for a walk as awaiting second vaccination. He is excited to have his harness on but does not yet walk on a lead, this is work in progress.

In the home: Pugwash is housetrained, he currently has access to the garden all day. Pugwash loves an open crate to escape to when he wants a nap but is happy snuggled up on a blanket on the floor with his current best friend. Pugwash has not really shown any interest in toys. He eats well and gets excited at food times. He is currently eating wet dog food due to his teeth problems but eats next to his friend and has shown no food aggression at all. Pugwash has not been left since in foster due to lockdown, he would probably be fine for an hour or two.

Out and about: Pugwash has not yet been on walks, lead training in progress. He loves going out in the car and travels well (only to the vets so far but he seems to enjoy that). He has only had one visit to the vet since being in foster and was a good boy.

Type of home: Pugwash would love a quiet home with a similar sized dog for company but with people who would be around for most of the day to encourage him to be more confident and enjoy being a treasured pet. He would love a garden as he loves to potter, lie in the sun and help in the veggie patch.

Pugwash has had first vaccination and is up to date with his flea and worming treatments, he is currently awaiting neutering and second vaccination.

Due to Covid19 lock down restrictions, we are only accepting local re homing applications.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to South Wales to meet him.

I come with five weeks free Agria Pet Insurance.