6 August 2021

Bramble ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Hello, my name is Bramble and im a 20 week old Yorkie cross poodle and I am a full of fun and very lovable. My foster mummy says that I am adorable but a bit cheeky too! I need a family who will understand that I still have a lot to learn. I will need time and patience to grow into the most amazing family pet. I am looking for my forever home could that be you ?

My foster mummy says I am a typical busy puppy who is into everything and you only have to worry when I’m quiet and you can’t see me! I can also be a bit shy as I am still learning about the world and lots of things are still very strange and scary.
I will need someone who can help me make sense of it all, with patience and time to teach me that there are lots of exciting things to see and do. I am looking for someone who has yummy food and a comfortable soft sofa. It will also help if you like puppy licks and cwtches. If this is you ?… then read on.

The vet said I am a fit and healthy puppy with no problems. I have a healthy heart, good teeth, clean ears and although I am a bit underweight my foster mummy is working on feeding me up! I do like my new kibble. I am having 4 meals a day to help my small tummy cope with this delicious food. I also like sardines and am learning about a lickimat and yummy treats. I am very lucky as I have additional dew claws on my back feet which the vet said isn’t a problem – I just need to remember to tell the groomer to trim them now and again. The vet said I was very good on my health check and I will make someone a very lovable pet.

My foster mummy has given me a bath – twice! To be honest I wasn’t keen and I made sure mummy got very wet too! I will need to learn that grooming is good for me and will probably need a regular trim as my hair can get a bit flyway!

I am starting to trust my foster mummy and will give her a big greeting in the morning, wagging my tail and getting excited. I am also pleased to see my foster nanny who has seen me every day since I came to this home. With people who are less familiar or new to me, I can be a bit nervous but if you leave me come to you and sit calmly, I will say hello when I am ready. I am just learning that people are fun to be with and need lots of experiences of meeting people in a calm and controlled way.

I am not sure about young children as they can be a bit loud and move very quickly. This can make me nervous and I then like to go into my bed or hide behind my foster mummy.  With older children (over 8) who can be calmer and who are dog savvy I feel more comfortable and will let them give me a chin rub or puppy cwtch. Again my foster mum says that over time , with more experience she is sure I will come to learn that children can be my best friend.

I have not lived with cats or other small animals so I really don’t know what they are. As a young puppy I will need to be introduced to these carefully and under supervision so that I don’t get over excited and bring out my poor puppy manners!

I have already learnt my bedtime routine and after going out for my last toilet break I will then sleep all night in my puppy pen with my sister. I can sleep for at least 7 hours with no problem. I like my sleep! I have been dry and clean all night but have to go straight out in the morning to avoid an accident! Toilet training is ongoing but I will use a puppy pad if I am desperate and can’t remember where I should go or if the door is closed. My foster mummy gets very excited when I take myself outside to go to the toilet and she gives me a little cheer., telling me I am a good girl. I am not sure what all the fuss is about but is she is happy then I am too!

Around the house I like to explore everything and can get myself into very small spaces! I also like to try and jump onto things. My foster mums say’s for a little dog I can get very high! I have no problem launching myself onto the sofa with very little regard for whoever else is sitting there! I also like to chew things and I have lots of antlers and chew toys which I have started to use instead of foster mummy’s toes and table! I am also a good climber and the first day I managed to get myself out of the puppy pen by climbing. My foster mummy said that I shouldn’t do that as it was dangerous so now, she has a top on the pen and I have to use the door. That’s ok as I now quite like going into my puppy pen as it’s a safe space for me to rest. sleep and eat. The door is open in the day and sometimes I take myself into the pen to have a quiet five minutes.

My favourite thing to do at home is sniff in the garden and roll on the grass. There are just so many smells and I like to help foster mummy with the gardening by chewing the strawberries off the plants. I am very picky though as I only like the red ones!

My foster mum tells everyone that I am a typical 5mth old puppy in the house – exploring everything and trying to get into mischief if left alone for longer than a few minutes!

I have heard lots of strange sounds in my foster home – the washing machine, the TV box and the hoover. I wasn’t afraid of any of them but when foster mummy was singing along to the radio, I was very worried. I rushed up to her as I thought she was in pain and started jumping up at her to see if she was ok. So, I am looking for someone who has good taste in music or who will give me ears plugs if you want to sing!

The garden is one of my favourite places with lots of smells and space to have a run and chase the big dogs or my sister. I have been using the harness and lead in the garden but I am not keen on them. I prefer to go where I want and not to be led by foster mummy. Lead walking will take lots of practice!

I am not a good traveller in the car and journeys longer than a few minutes can make me sick. I have managed a five minute journey to my foster nannies house without being unwell but it is something I will need to get used to if I am going to get out and about with my new family. In the car I use a carry case to travel in to keep me safe.

I have visited my foster nannies house and have enjoyed going somewhere different with new smells. She also has another dog that I can have a play with so I think with more practice I will start to enjoy being out.

My ideal home will be someone who has time and energy to help me learn about the world. They will understand that I will make some mistakes but they will treat me with kindness and give me positive experiences so I build my confidence over time.
I will need someone who is home for most of the day, as I have lots still to learn. I can be left in my puppy pen for about an hour with a lickimat or toy to occupy me but I prefer it when someone is around. I can’t really be trusted to have the run of the house as there are plenty of things to chew and that won’t be safe for me. My foster mummy says I am a typical puppy – 90 miles an hour one minute and then fast asleep the next. If you think you can give me a lovely home and teach me what I need to learn them please get in touch.

Neutering Agreement

Microchipped and Vaccinated

Fostered in the Swansea area of South Wales

Bramble will come with 5 weeks free AGRIA pet insurance