14 September 2023

Bodger *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Bodger D2023-122

  • Can be an only dog if owners around most of the time
  • Can live with another sensible dog
  • Older teenage children
  • No cats
  • He’s a work in progress and will need patience and time

Bodger is a 2 year old Mini Dachshund who is currently very unsure of his place in the world. Once he trusts you, he bonds very quickly and gives loving bumps with his nose when he wants attention. In the home with his person he is settled but if any strangers come to visit then his nervous side shows by him barking and growling. This is being managed by placing him in a cage (his safe space) allowing him to think about his behaviour and learn that people are not there to hurt him. Once he is calm the door is opened and he can choose if he wants to say hello or not.  

He is happy wearing a harness and lead but due to his nervous nature he has not yet been taken out on walks. He is improving every day and there is nothing more his foster mum can teach him now. He needs to continue his lessons in his forever home and bond with his forever family. Once he feels safe his character starts to show and just like an onion, he has many layers, these are going to need time and patience to be peeled back allowing him to be the happy little fur baby he always should have been.

Bodger being the good little sausage that he is loves his bed and falls asleep with it in his mouth for comfort. He loves toys and to play and really loves being in the garden exploring. He will play with other dogs but can take it or leave it preferring to be with his human.

Bodger does not like cats and is not keen on small people. He can be rehomed with older sensible teens but anything smaller really worries him.

He currently sleeps in his bed in a cage (his safe place) in foster mums bedroom and dreams of chasing squirrels at night. He loves his food but is not a greedy little sausage and is happy to eat with others around. He also takes a treat nicely.

Bodger in true sausage style is house trained but if its raining you are going with him with a big umbrella so he doesn’t get wet.

Bodger is very much a work in progress he has clearly had an unsettled past which has led him to distrust people and afraid that they are going to harm him. He can be homed with another dog or as an only dog as long as his human is there to support him. He is not going to be good in a busy household and needs lots of quiet time for his worries to subside. When he realises he’s safe he’s very loving and cuddly but feels better when he knows his boundaries and routine.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Cardiff

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance