28 February 2021

Bluebelle ***ADOPTED***

By FOAW staff
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Bluebelle is an 11 month old Border Collie with a sweet nature who loves lots of fuss and cuddles, she’s very busy, playing with the other foster dogs in the house and all her toys. She loves the company of her foster mum and sometimes thinks she’s a lapdog. She gets excited at the prospect of a walk and meeting up with her doggy friends and after a hard day playing she likes nothing better than to curl up on the sofa to watch her favourite animal programme on TV!

Bluebelle loves people but can be a little enthusiastic when she first meets them, planting a big sloppy wet kiss on your face. Out and about Bluebelle pulls on the lead and although this is getting better it is definitely something that needs further work. Off lead she is much better and has a good recall 99% of the time, she does get distracted by other dogs, squirrels and birds but soon comes back when called. In the van she seems to travel well and hasn’t been sick on a journey of up to an hour, when foster mum first picked her up she had to be physically put into the crate in the van, but now happily hops in on her own. She is fine at the vets, enjoying all the attention she gets.

She’s not keen on water and hates a bath, but likes a brush although after a while she thinks this is a good game. In her previous home she was with a 10 year old child who she was fine with, but because she is still a little boisterous I’d say no younger than 10

Bluebelle loves the company of other dogs and likes to play with others in the home, she’s is a real “meeter and greeter” when on a walk and will go up to other dogs to instigate play, but will stop in her tracks if you call her back most of the time. I would say this little girl would do much better in a home with at least one other dog.

Bluebelle used to live with two cats but always tried to play with them which they weren’t keen on.

In the home, Bluebelle is house trained and will go to the back door if she wants to go out, but she doesn’t bark so you need to watch her. She sleeps with her foster mum and the other dogs on the bed, but will go into a crate if being left for a short while. She will rip the odd loo roll centre and does like to chew things, but will stop when told. She has been destructive in her previous home but would put this down to not enough exercise and boredom as since she has been with foster mum she’s found her “off switch”. She loves toys, particularly a ball or tuggy toy and has eaten very well, she tends to get excited when preparing food, jumping up at the counter and sometimes grumbling at the other dogs, a firm “NO” tends to stop this and she sits down. She will sit and wait for her meals and only eat when you say OK and she is last in the pecking order to be fed. As she has a history of being destructive, I would say she should not be left any longer than 2.5 hours and only after being walked.

Bluebelle is high energy & very intelligent, so needs to be active. She would be most suited to an Agility, Flyball, Search & Rescue or Competitive Obedience home, she’s not noise sensitive, doesn’t seem fazed by traffic and doesn’t herd like a lot of Collies. Collies are not for the faint hearted but she’s a cracking little dog with lots of potential and will do very well in experienced hands. She needs someone who is home most of the time and the company of at least one other dog, she is absolutely smashing and will make a very loyal and loving companion. She’s going to be hard to part with!

Active home

Children 10 and over

Neutered, Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Bluebelle comes with 5 weeks free AGRIA pet insurance

Fostered in Bracknell, Near Reading