21 November 2021

Blue ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Blue D2021-146

Foster Mum: “So Blue what are we doing tonight”

Blue “same thing as we do every night foster mum, try and take over the world”

F: Oh, Blue you’ve been watching the TV again haven’t you. Were not taking over the world. Tonight, Blue were writing your rehoming thread

B: What’s a rehoming thread foster mum

F: A rehoming thread Blue is where we tell everyone all about you in the hope of finding you a forever home and family

B: Why can’t I stay with your foster mum I like it here

F: You can’t stay with me Blue there are so many other little fur babies that need rescuing. If you stay here who’s going to help them.

B: Okay foster mum I’ll help you. What you going to say

F: Well Blue I’m going to tell everyone that you are a super confident 2-year-old chihuahua cross who can be a bit chatty and opinionated. That you love to cuddle and play with us and will happily chase a toy till your fed up and want even more cuddles.

B: Oh yes, I do like to cuddle foster mum don’t I. It makes me feel safe and loved being so close. 

F: I’m going to tell them that you eat up all your food and don’t try and steal of the others. I have to tell your potential new family that sometimes you forget that you need to go pee pee when you been cuddling and playing and will go in the house.

B: Oh, do you have to foster mum I’m trying my best not to do that but I forget. I’m so happy being here with you that I ger easily distracted.

F: Yes, we have to tell them Blue or its not fair. I’m sure your forever family will help you work on this in your new home. They will also need to know that you haven’t been on many big walks yet but have been enjoying a few nice short walks and are mostly good on the lead but you get over excited when you see another dog or cat.

B: Well, I just get so excited to be out see foster mum with all the smells and other woofers I can’t help it

F: I need to tell them that you are happy to sleep in the kitchen as long as you can snuggle to another fur baby and are good to be left alone with the others as long as its not for too long. How you can be a little unsure of strangers and will growl a little but if they leave you alone you will come out for attention and snuggles. They also need to know that we think you would be better with older dog savvy children as you would get very upset if someo0ne treated you as a toy.

B: Oh yes foster mum that’s very important and tell them what type of home I would like.

F: I’m just getting to that bit. You said you wanted a home with another dog for snuggling. You don’t mind a cat as long as they don’t chase you. You want to go on mini adventures and be really close to your family. You know Blue that you need some more training with socialising, lead work and house training but you are very clever and will try your best.

B: Okay foster mum that sounds great now don’t forge to put on the adoption link and some really cute pics of me and let’s see if we can find the right family.

F: Okay Blue and ill do a quick summary so people understand


Neutered male

Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer. Needs a resident dog. Okay with cats

Older dog savvy children. Needs more socialising and training

Fostered in Wells, Somerset, Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance