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Betsi is 4 year old puppy farm rescue that will need to be rehomed with another dog. Betsi is a wonderful little dog that is very nervous around people but will come for a cuddle once she knows she can trust you. She doesn’t like sudden movements so having a calm environment is a must. Experience shows that this gets better over time. Betsi relies on the company of the other dogs in her foster home and is learning how to play lovely. She is very food orientated and knows when meal times are. Toilet training is ongoing and she is still having the occasional accident and this is improving daily. Betsi cannot be homed with young children and she needs someone around most of the day. She can be left for short periods and will happily cuddle up with the other dogs. She is not destructive. Betsi loves exploring on her walks and gets excited at meal times. She travels well in the car and there has been no issues when visiting the vets.

Female neutered

 4 year sold

Must live with another dog

NO children

Loves walks

Toilet training ongoing

Up to date flea, worm and vaccinations