16 October 2018

REHOMED – Belle – 4-year old British Bulldog – Cornwall

By FOAW staff
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Name: Belle

Age: 4

Breed: Tan and White British Bulldog

Can I live with Children?: Yes

Can I live with cats?: Not officially tested

Can I live with other dogs?: Yes please. Other dogs a must

Fostered In: Cornwall


Belle is a four-year old British Bulldog who is being fostered in Cornwall. She has the loudest snore we have ever heard! You can hear her snoring through the floor. She loves her food and will do all she can to have a sneaky bite of whatever you have to eat but this will have to be limited as it is important to keep an eye on her figure.

People – Belle loves as much attention as possible and will get on your lap if not getting enough attention. She loves children and tolerates small children fussing her.

Dogs –  Belle loves all other dogs

Cats – Not interested until they run then she will chase, but not officially cat tested.

In the home – Belle chews when bored. She will chew table corners if left without stimulation and she thoroughly enjoys dismantling books from the book shelf so don’t use the bottom shelf! Plenty of things to occupy her seem to work as a distraction. She can be left for short periods with no problem. Belle loves watching dogs on tv and is happiest on your lap and being involved in anything you do. She enjoys opening and unwrapping presents especially if they contain a ball or other doggy toys. They get ripped to shreds quickly but they are great while they last. She sits on your feet and snorts for attention.

Out and about – Belle loves being out and will pull with excitement and if a car goes by as she likes to chase them. This is being worked on in her foster home and further training will be required in her new home. Belle loves walks and she will walk about 2/3 miles a day and enjoys games in the garden. She’s very active for a bulldog.

Type of home – Belle loves other dogs and would benefit from having a doggy friend or 2 in her new house, especially if she was to be left at all. She adapts well to situations and is such a happy lovely natured dog we feel she would fit well in most homes. Her new family MUST be prepared to keep her weight in check and ensure she stays below 24kg to maintain her current good health. Belle would like a home where she can be the centre of someone’s universe and be their baby and have loves ALL day long!!

Belle is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Cornwall.

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