2 April 2024


By Emma
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Belle D2023-130

  • Needs a resident dog or dogs to learn form
  • Not cat tested
  • No children or older teenage children
  • Lots of patience or experience in dealing with shut down ex breeding dogs. 

Belle is a very special 4 year old American Cocker Spaniel.

We are going to be very honest about Belle. She is one of the most shut down ex-breeding dogs we have ever rescued and we have been doing this far too long to mention.

Belle with her foster mum enjoys head snuggles, gentle tummy tickles, sitting on the sofa watching daytime TV and all the love that foster mum can lavish on her. She loves playing zoomies with the resident dogs and has begun to play with toys. She is showing all the signs of a puppy that has decompressed from a very stressful life. This is how Belle can be and so much more.

Belle with other people is scared, will wet herself and hide. Despite the large steps she has taken with foster mum this was always a stop gap to find her that special forever home who will be gentle with the challenges they will face and thrive on the small steps as she changes into the dog she was always meant to be. We know finding her the perfect understanding home is a big ask but we also know that home is out there somewhere.  

Belle loves other gentle dogs who will play with her and give her confidence. She will not be homed with small children or to a busy noise household. She needs an understanding and patient owner who understands that these type of dogs will take 1 step forward and 2 steps back and will be involved in her rehabilitation for life knowing that one day she will be a much better version of herself.

She loves her food but can be bullied away by other dogs so will need to be watched from a safe distance to make sure she eats.

Toilet training is a work in progress and she needs regular encouragement to do her toilet outside which the other dog can help her with.

She has not met any cats but normally ex-breeders are not bothered but she is from hunting lines so this would be at her new families discretion.

Belle currently initially likes to sleep on foster mums bed hearing how well she has done that day and the plans for the following day whilst having gentle tummy tickles. When the lights go out she likes to move to her own bed on the floor where she sleeps soundly all night.

She enjoys being out in the garden which needs to be very secure as she will initially try to run and hide.

Harness training is a work in progress. She has had one on but is not keen and currently wets herself or freezes. She will need to wear a harness and long line when in the garden initially and is not to be left alone.

We are aware her moving to her forever home will be a big change for her and we will give full support and back up. This is not going to be easy but this will be one of the most rewarding adoption for us and Belle. She deserves her happy ever after and if you can help her on that journey then please fill out the form and get in touch. Belle hasn’t chosen to be this way this was done to her and she will only receive the very best from now on.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Blackwood