24 July 2021

Badem ****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Badem D2021-112




Badem is a 2.5 year old Poodle cross and is described by his foster mum as a real people person. He just adores attention but is also just as happy to relax in the lounge while his foster mum goes about household chores. If he were allowed to, he would be by your side every minute of the day. He has been great company and normally spends a good portion of the day sleeping while his foster mum works on a laptop.

Badem had an accident that resulted in his left back leg being amputated. He has been fully rehabbed and has good muscle tone. He seems very comfortable on 3 legs and doesn’t need special treatment or carrying. However, just keep an eye on him and if you notice any change get medical advice.

Badem is still a young boy and loves to play with his human and toys. He loves his walks and gets very excited to see his lead. He is very agile on his 3 legs and spins around like a mad thing with excitement.

Badem absolutely loves people and will try to get as much attention as you’re willing to give. He will roll around on top of you and has no concept of size or personal space. He is the most loving affectionate boy. He gets a lot of confidence and comfort from his human so will need someone who is looking for that strong bond.

Badem doesn’t like his face being groomed but is a good boy in the bath.

Badem has an unexpectedly deep growl, which he uses when he scratches his own ears with his back paw, chews a toy, or on occasion at another dog. It has been hard to hear much difference between these growls and due to the deep tone, they can all sound menacing. However, he is not meaning to communicate aggression in all of these situations. He will need a dog companion that won’t take offence to his vocal nature but not a resident male dog.

Badem likes his own space next to his human and will have a grumble at another dog when he doesn’t get his way. These do not escalate as he’s very responsive to his human but if Badem were placed in a home with a dominant resident dog and feels he has to fight for his place/attention it may do. He is happy to share attention with another dog as long as he feels he’s still involved. Due to this, Badem would be well suited to a home with a gentle, independent female dog of any size.

Badem is great out on walks but can bark at passing dogs if he feels threatened. This normally happens once or twice a walk and seems to be directed at male dogs who are not castrated. He has not been tested off lead and has no recall training. He is surprisingly fast on his 3 legs and loves to run.

Badem has not been cat tested.

Badem is housetrained but has marked within the lounge twice. He is currently in foster with a male chihuahua which could have contributed to him doing this. He is used to using puppy pads at night or if left for a short period during the day.

He likes to sleep on the bed and loves to cuddle before spreading out at the bottom for sleep. However, he will also happily sleep in the lounge at night with the other dogs, in his current foster.

Badem is learning to play with toys as he has a tendency to play with your hands. He is gentle but can get excitable and slightly nip. He will need someone willing to work with him and show him what he can and can’t play with.  

Badem is not food aggressive and will allow his human to pick his food bowl up while eating. He likes a bowl that will stay still while he eats; eating on 3 legs when your bowl is moving every time your nose goes in, can get frustrating! He loves his food but can feel insecure when eating and will warn other dogs to stay away and potential owners need to be aware of this.

Badem is great at being left for a couple of hours and will sleep on the couch in the lounge, with the other foster dogs. He will bark when you initially leave the house but settles down very quickly.

He is great in the car and will sit in his harness attached to the backseat. He was very good at the vets as he loves people.

Badem needs a home with a resident submissive/independent female dog or could equally be homed as a single dog if owners were home most of the time. He would be best placed with adults or a household with older dog savvy children. He needs someone/family willing to be his best friend/s and who won’t mind him being a little limpet! A home that will continue to work with him and train him as he’s very much a young dog (puppyhood delayed slightly by his accident). He is friendly and inquisitive and would find training very stimulating.

Neutered Male

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Barry area of South Wales

Badem comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance



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