24 November 2018

Bach & Eevee – Happy Ever After

By FOAW staff
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Bach & Eevee 2
Bach & Eevee 1
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Tiny beautiful Bach came to us when he was found as a stray in Barry. He was a lovely, calm and confident little man – and we were determined to find the perfect forever friend for him.

Along comes Eevee – a feisty little lady who had lost her male friend and wanted a new bunny to play with.

Bonding was not straightforward with these two. Initially Eevee was curious, but certainly not convinced Bach was the bunny for her.  However, Bach was cool as a cucumber and decided immediately he liked her.  As with every human who ever met Bach, Eevee’s mum fell in love straight away and hoped that perseverance would convince her girl that Bach was indeed the perfect partner she’d been looking for.

Eevee was very territorial and not totally happy about this new man being on her turf. She wanted him as a friend but in true female fashion certainly wasn’t going to make it easy for him.

Bonding these two took around three months, but through the sheer hard work, determination and patience of Eevee’s wonderful mum they are now a happily bonded couple – living the perfect life together.  As always, the FOAW rabbit team continued to offer support and advice throughout the bonding process for as long as it was needed.

We are so pleased for little Bach and Eevee and hope they have the happiest of lives together.