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Children 10 and over

Babs the Bulldog is 3 years old and a very loving girl who loves cuddles and attention. She walks very well on lead and will stay within a couple of feet when walking. She loves to stick her tongue out all day and lick whatever is close to her before settling down for long naps. She loves to always be close to you and will follow you around the house like a shadow. She is fine with people and will come over for fusses from everyone. She is getting used to being brushed but isn’t a huge fan of it at present but is very happy with cuddles and gentle stokes. Babs has been fine around children in the foster home and I’d say she would be fine with anyone over 10 years old

Babs will need to be the only dog in home as she doesn’t like to share however can socialise outside with other dogs. She will also not tolerate a cat in the home.

Babs is sleeping in a cage overnight which has been working well. She is house trained but doesn’t have a signal to go other than pacing around a little so her foster family have been taking her out every few hours. She plays with a bone and also a ball but hasn’t shown much interest in toys. She eats well and enjoys food. She hasn’t shown any destructive tendencies at all and has been well behaved in general

She can be a little tentative when visiting the vets but is ok. She behaves very well on walks with no issues at all and she also travels well more often than not settling down for nap when on a journey. Babs needs a home that can give her lots of love and attention and that doesn’t spend to much time without her. She is a very loving dog that enjoys the same amount of love returned.

Neutered Female

Has to be the only dog in the home

No cats

Children 10 and over

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date Flea and wormer