Wonky Club

We launched the Wonky 500 club in July 2014 to raise funds to go towards the cost of medical treatment and care for our Wonky animals with long term health conditions.

We have some fantastic foster homes that are happy to foster animals ‘long-term’. Any animal that has ongoing health issues or is very senior will not be ‘adopted’ in the official sense but will remain in long-term foster care under our wing for the rest of their days. We can make sure that we support the foster home and ensure that the expensive veterinary treatments are paid for and they always get the care that they require. As you can imagine, this doesn’t come cheap.

You can help us help us support these animals in need by joining the Friends of Wonky Towers 500 Club and making a regular donation of as little as £2 a month can help us continue doing what we do for our wonky dogs, cats and Rabbits.