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We love every single bunny that comes into us, but every so often one comes along that seems extra special…. Llew is one of those bunnies.

Llew came in via a RSPCA rescue. He had been living with his four brothers – none of them neutered or vaccinated. He was in very poor state when he first came in – definitely in the worse condition of the group, outwardly at least with bites and scars all over him. Unsurprisingly he was extremely timid and nervous. He also had a severe case of EC and needed treatment for this. We were scared he wouldn’t make it through with the health issues he had, but this brave determined little chap made a miraculous recovery and is now fully fit and healthy.

Despite all he has been through and the miserable life he had before, he has surprised us all by trusting humans again, even enjoying attention… particularly if there’s treats on offer! He is enjoying life and ready to find a bunny friend and perfect forever home.

He is a little nervous of other rabbits and this manifests as him wanting to be dominant. Foster Mum has muttered about small man syndrome but we couldn’t possibly comment!! Because of this, we think the best match for him would be an easy-going (dare we say slightly timid) female who would be happy to put up with his assertive ways.

Coming in from a rescue situation, we can’t be sure of his exact age but as a rough guess we put him around 5 or 6. He is neutered and is up to date with his vaccinations.

Everyone who meets Llew falls in love with him! He has been through so much but is a real little warrior and such a lovely, friendly boy. We are determined to find him the perfect lady-bun friend in the forever home he deserves.

If you and your lady-bun have the perfect Llew sized space in your life, then click here Adoption Form