21 October 2021

Wren & Stimpy *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Wren and Stimpy D2021-

Wren and Stimpy are a pair of 13 week old Chihuahua cross (no we don’t know what they are crossed with) males that are now ready to start looking for their forever homes.

Wren is a typical boisterous pup into everything and causing mischief whenever allowed and can be rehomed as an only dog but would equally be good with another playful fur baby of a similar size. Wren would need sensible children who are not going to treat him as a toy.

Stimpy is a little more nervous and needs another confident dog of a similar size to help him overcome his traumatic start to life. He will cuddle and play but just takes a little longer to get there. He is nervous of children so we would recommend older dog savvy children that are not going to over handle him.

Despite being small they are still puppies and will need to learn right from wrong and how to behave with manners in public and to other dogs. We’ve all herd the term big dog syndrome well let’s make sure that these fur babies turn out to be well socialised and adjusted individuals by investing the time they need to flourish.

The boys need owners who are around most of the time who will invest in them.

Both dogs will be adopted on neutering and training agreements. They have been health checked had their first vaccinations and been microchipped.