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Name: Vivian

Age: 4 years old.

Breed: Schnauzer

Fostered in: South Wales

Health conditions: Vivian has had double cataract surgery and is currently on drops 3 times a day. These are reducing but it’s likely she will always need eye medication.

Vivian is a gentle sweet natures girl. Understandably she’s a little wary having lived many years in darkness on a puppy farm but once she knows she’s safe she has a waggy tail and will stand on her back legs with her front legs resting on you for a fuss

People: Vivian is initially wary and likes to do things in her own time when she is ready. Once she trusts you her personality starts to show through and she will jump on your lap for a cuddle. She is cautious of people walking towards her when lead walking and will stop until they have passed.

Can live with Children: Although Vivian is good with children she would not want to be played with so would be better in a home without young children.

Can live with cats: Not tested but would think she could live with a dog savvy cat.

Can live with other dogs: As an ex breeder Vivian would like an older dog in her new home. She isn’t happy around puppies or boisterous dogs.

In the home: Vivian is an easy dog to have in the home. She is happy to potter around the garden and is fully toilet trained. she is not destructive and loves her food. She is not toy or food aggressive She sleeps cuddled up to the resident dog in the kitchen and this is where she feels safe. Vivian is fine to be left for a few hours at a time

Out and about: Vivian enjoys short walks in a quiet area. She walks well on the lead with no pulling. She is wary of traffic and people walking towards her and will freeze until they have passed.

Type of home: Vivian is looking for a quiet home with a resident dog and no small children. Someone who is patient and understands her history and will give her the time she needs to settle and relax without pushing her too fast. Quiet walks in the county or beach where there are not too many people or traffic around would be perfect for her.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.

Vivian is fully vaccinated, neutered and up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Due to Covid19 lock down restrictions, we are only accepting local re homing applications.

I come with five weeks free Agria Pet Insurance.