13 February 2021

Rik. *****ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Only dog or with a resident dog

Children 12 and over

Active home with scent hound experience.

Our boy Rik is a beagle cross basset and is only 12 weeks old and will come with a neutering agreement. He’s doing so well in his foster home we think he deserves to be in the PERFECT forever home as soon as possible.

As a baby Rik is super playful and has loads of energy. He is just enjoying puppy life, being clumsy, funny, goofy and when he’s run out of energy having a power nap before it starts again. During his brief downtimes he likes to snuggle on the sofa or just be close to his human.

Rik’s house training is currently a work in progress but this is standard with all fur babies and is coming along nicely. He has not been cat tested and as he’s a scent hound this may not be a good idea.

Rik will need an active home with owners who are home most of the time and can introduce him to the big wide world. He could be an only dog or live with a resident dog of similar energy levels. Due to his energy levels we suggest he could live with children 10 and over. Like any annoying youngster Rik would not be suitable to live with an older dog as they would probably pack their bags and leave home after a few hours with this little bundle of energy.

Comes with a neutering agreement

Microchipped, vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fosetered in South Wales

Rik comes with free 5 week agria pet insurance.