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Please say hello to Reuben the Rabbit!  This gorgeous boy is a real sweetheart and all he wants to do is cuddle – not your typical boy rabbit!  In fact he often comes over demanding attention, putting his head under your hand and even getting up on the sofa for, you’ve guessed it, cuddles.  He’s not always the best to be picked up – places to be and things to do – unless he knows he’s coming up specifically for cuddling, so he needs someone who is confident handling and picking up bunnies.

He’s litter trained and doesn’t chew anything he’s not supposed too.  He’s so good that every evening he has free range of Foster Mum’s house and there have been no incidents or accidents to date!  We think he’s trying to prove he’d be ideal to be a free range house bunny!  He isn’t scared of Foster Mum’s dogs or cat – in fact he has been known to nick the dog’s bed for himself!

This little character was found wandering around Caerphilly on his own so we’re not sure of his age – although he certainly doesn’t look and act very old.  He has been neutered and is up to date with his vaccinations.

If you and your lady bun think you can give this perfect boy his perfect forever home with plenty of cuddles, please fill in the adoption link below:

Adoption Form

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