1 September 2019


By FOAW staff
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Our gorgeous little hand rear Peggy is full of mischief and cattitude. This young lady is only 13 weeks old but she already has a massive presence. She is super playful and very confident. She is good with other cats and cat savvy dogs. She loves to run around like a little whirlwind and then collapse on her foster parent for a good power nap. Being a baby she would easily fit into any household after a short period of adjustment. We think she is going to have long fur so her new pawrents are going to have to teach her about the joys of being groomed.


13 weeks old

Peggy has had her first vaccination and is booked for her second Vaxs and microchip on the 03/09/2019

Cat and dog friendly.

Peggy is too young to be spayed so will come with a voucher towards the cost.

Please be advised if you live in rented accommodation we will need to speak to your landlord.

Please apply here if interested.