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Ref no – D2020-090

Name: Mani

Age: 13 years old

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

Fostered in: South Wales

Health Conditions: Mani has recently had her eye removed and no further treatment is deemed necessary.


This sweet little one old eyed girl needs a retirement home where she can relax and enjoy the freedom of life outside of a crate. Mani was surrendered 2 weeks ago along with 16 other dogs she had been living with. She was not in the best condition health wise, but she has had surgery to remove her eye and some dental work and teeth removed so she is starting to be well on the road to recovery from this trauma.

People: Mani has been indifferent to her foster mum and dad although just recently she has nudged her foster Dad for some attention and her tail is staring to wag when she sees us. To be fair to her the majority of the time her fosters have interacted with her has been to administer medication, so she is understandably wary. She is however very compliant and seemed to really enjoy being groomed. She will let her foster mum clean her ears and brush her and will sit on her lap for a short period and enjoy some tickles behind the ear.

Can live with children: Not tested due to lockdown however foster mums 8-year-old godson visited the garden today and she was the first to run up to him to say hello. She would be best in a home where there are no boisterous children but could probably cope with older respectful children

Can live with cats: Not tested.

Can live with other dogs: She is in foster with five other dogs. She is fine with them all but does not really interact apart from the occasional sniff. She sleeps with a very shut down cavalier and they sometimes cuddle up together. She would be fine with all dogs.

In the home Mani will go outside to toilet. She sleeps in a playpen with another foster dogs, a female cavalier. She has slept in a crate and was fine. She was confined in a crate when she was rescued. She does not play with toys and has not been aggressive although she will growl if other dogs come near her food.

Out and about: Mani has not been on walks yet. we do not think she was walked a lot in her previous life. She is an old lady so we anticipate that short walks only would suit her once she is fully vaccinated and recovered.

Type of home: This darling little girl is still trying to come to terms with the upheaval of being removed from an awful situation which, horrendous as it was, is the only life she has known for the majority of her years. A home with experience of the breed would be ideal especially if there would be other Tibbies to keep her company. Someone who would give her the time to settle and the love she needs to feel truly comfortable in a new environment. She is a lovely good-natured little sweetheart and would thrive in a home where she would get the attention and love that she craves.

Mani is neautered and up to date with flea and worming treatment, She is currently awaiting second vaccination.

Due to Covid19 lock down restrictions, we are only accepting local re homing applications.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.

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