6 February 2020

Mango – Forever home found

By FOAW staff
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Mango was one of three brothers who came into the Rescue.  Unfortunately they acted like typical teenagers and decided they didn’t like each other!  Mango is the quiet one and loves nothing more than a cuddle and some human attention.  Possibly due to him being bullied by his brothers when he was younger, he hasn’t been that keen on other rabbits.  However, he did eventually bond with a lady bun who unfortunately passed a few months ago – so he is definitely open to bunny love. 

His favourite pastimes are eating and playing with his ball and toys. He loves his teddy bear who has taken the place of his dearly departed Daisy.

Mango has been exposed to E-cuniculi – he has been treated and has exhibited no symptoms.  If you know your rabbit is a carrier, he would be the perfect companion. 

E cuniculi is a tiny parasite that affects rabbits along with a small range of other species.  Studies have shown that over 50% of healthy rabbits in the UK carry the parasite with only a small proportion ever showing any illness.  Even if symptoms do appear, they are treatable with the rabbit living a full and happy life.

Our Mango is a bit of a star – you might recognize him from being our pin up boy in the FOAW calendar this year! He is Mr March 2020!

If you and your lady bun think you can give this special boy his perfect forever home with plenty of cuddles, please fill in the adoption link: Adoption Form