Lola Labrador needs your help

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This is Lola. She was taken to the vets to be put to sleep. The vets got in touch with us and we agreed to try and help her.

We believe she has a condition that has caused part of her brain to fail to develop as it should. To get her the best possible help and ongoing care she needs an MRI so our vets can decide the best course of treatment for her. We need to raise a £1000 in the next few days.

She is just a baby. An amazing, funny, loving, bonkers little pup who doesn’t know she is very wonky and we need you to help us help her reach her full potential whatever that may be. So if you were going to have a few of these this weekend how about having one less and donating the savings you made to Lola because she is so very special.

You can follow the link to her fundrazr page and her story, you can donate through PayPal or to our bank account or even call us and make a card payment over the phone. You can donate through Facebook. Saving lives is a daily challenge but we can do it with your support.

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