Jessie – 4-year old Cavalier cross Beagle

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Name: Jessie

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Beagle

Can I live with Children: Yes, but not toddlers

Can I live with cats: Yes

Can I live with other dogs: Yes

Fostered In: South Wales

Four-year old Jessie is an ex-breeding Cavalier cross Beagle girl who is being fostered in South Wales. She is looking for a home with at least one other dog for company

People – Jessie loves people, big and small. She enjoys fuss and would happily live with sensible, gentle children.

Dogs –   Jessie is fine around other dogs and lives in a multi-dog household. She is friendly with all the dogs she has met on walks too. As an ex-breeding girl she is more used to dogs than people so we are looking to rehome her where there is at least one other dog. She has snapped once or twice at other dogs when they jump up next to her on the sofa but is learning that this is not acceptable.

Cats – Jessie can live with cats

In the home – Jessie does need reassurance as can be startled with loud noises and will jump if a loud car goes passed. She hasn’t been crated as she has been so well behaved. Her housetraining is a work in progress and her adopters will have to be prepared to continue this. Jessie has been left with other dogs for company with no problem at all. She is yet to play with toys but this may or may not come in time as she settles down.

Out and about – Jessie walks well on the lead. She does need to gain further confidence in this area as is still scared of sudden noises. She travels well in the car and is either in a travel crate or behind a dog guard. At the vets she has been very well behaved.

Type of home – A home where Jessie is allowed to settle with no pressure, would be perfect for her. She needs to be given time to find her feet and get used to living in a home. She can live with gentle children as she enjoys cuddling up to them. She doesn’t want a huge amount of exercise – short walks and naps in between 😊 Cuddles on the sofa is a must as she enjoys human company. She may be able to live with part time workers but would prefer her people to around for a lot of the day.

Jessie is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in South Wales.

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