13 May 2019

Happy Endings – Mr BW & Toby

By FOAW staff

Oooh, we’re so happy here at FOAW Bunny Headquarters. We’ve had a run of successful bondings and we have got some fabulous stories to share. The first one is our very own big boy, Mr Benjamin White. You may remember we were having problems finding him a suitable forever friend as, due to his poor eyesight, he was getting very nervous around other rabbits and lashing out, so we were looking for a special and unique home for our very special and unique boy. Well (imagine if you will a fanfare of trumpets), Mr BW has landed right on his rather sizeable paws and has found his perfect forever home. I’m not going to say anymore, as I think the photos say it all. However, I do just want to acknowledge his simply fabulous foster mum, Ali Thomas, who gave him so much love and time to let his personality bloom; and our amazing team who never gave up on finding him the home he needed. I give you Mr Benjamin White and Toby…..

Mr BW & Toby Fav
Mr BW & Toby 1
Mr BW & Toby2
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