Fran – 3-year old Cavalier

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Name: Fran

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Can I live with Children: Children over 10

Can I live with cats: Maybe

Can I live with other dogs: Yes, a must

Fostered In: South Wales

Little Fran is a 3-year old ex-breeding girl who is being fostered in South Wales. Fran is very much a lap dog. Her favourite place is cuddled up to her human on the sofa. She loves to be picked up and be carried and will often jump up at you to pick her up.

People – She loves to meet people when they come in the house or out on her walks. She can be unsure about children, now and again, if the child is excitable and moves fast – this makes her bark as she’s unsure of them. If there are children in the household they would need to be calm children that understand she is not a toy. At the moment she prefers adults.

Dogs –   She is fine with the other dogs in the home although she can be possessive over the person she is sat near. She’s generally friendly and interested in dogs out on walks although she can bark if unsure of a dog, usually they are much bigger dogs than she is. Although she is not interested much about the other dogs she lives with, she dies allow our other tiny foster dog to cuddle up next to her and she will run around the garden with the others but doesn’t know anything about playing with them. As an ex-breeding girl Fran will need to live with at least one other dog. Another cavalier would be wonderful as she was very interested when we met two out at the beach

Cats – She doesn’t take notice of the cat in her foster home, unless he is sat on the window ledge behind the blinds. Fran will try to jump up at him when he does this but it’s because she is curious as to what it is. Fran hasn’t come across ant other small animals except birds in the garden which she chases and barks at.

In the home – Fran is a typical waggy Cavalier. She wags her tail and wobbles her bum when she is out for a walk. She snores like a train too. Fran enjoys constant cuddles. Her housetraining is a work in progress so this will need to be continued in her new home. She will not ask to go out and will hold everything in while on her walk and come home and toilet in the house! She also needs help learning about jumping up and how it isn’t acceptable. Fran has not been crated. While eating or playing with a toy Fran can be a little possessive and does growl so we insist that she isn’t rehomed with younger children. She loves to see animals on the tv and will watch them and bark at them as if they are in the room, she also will go right up to the tv to see where they are. She likes squeaky toys and will carry one around and keep it close to her as if it’s a puppy. She likes to play with empty toilet rolls and throws them about before ripping them up.

Out and about – When Fran is out on a walk she has the most waggy bum with a non-stop wagging tail as she is a very happy girl. She doesn’t like to go out in the dark or rain which means you need to get your coat on and go out with her for her to do her toilet.  She travels very well in the car with a seat belt restraint. Fran is happy and calm at the vets and very interested in other dogs and people while in the waiting room.

Type of home – Fran needs a home with someone home most of the day, as Fran craves human company. She WILL NOT be suitable for full-time workers. She needs dog savvy children that will not treat her as a toy if there are children in the home as she can bark and growl when she’s unsure. She loves going out on walks a few times a day but would be fine with an older person or couple that like to go out walking but not on long walks as she loves laying around sleeping. She needs a household that doesn’t mind her being on the couch or bed as her favourite place is next to her human and not in a dog bed or on the floor. She really feels she belongs on the furniture not the floor. Fran needs another dog for company. Patience and perseverance with housetraining too, please.

Fran is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in South Wales.

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