Charlotte – 5 year old Yorkshire terrier

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Meet Charlotte, the 5 year old Yorkie. She is an ex breeding dog who is on foster in South Wales under assessment, this is what her foster mum has to say about her

“Charlotte is a beautiful little girl. She’s been quite unwell since she’s been with me but is coming on day by day. She’s a quiet little girl and not very good around humans as shes scared and will run away from them at any opportunity. She is not aggressive in any way and will enjoy being stroked in her cage but she is scared and unsure about coming out.
She will lay in her crate all the time and only really come out if I walk out the garden and call her. Sometimes she will run out and go to toilet and run back in,sometimes she will run out see me and change her mind, retreating back to where she feels safe …. her crate.
She isn really bothered about being around other dogs and is happy in her own world but would prefer the laid back type if she had a preference. Loud young or boisterous dogs can scare her especially when she has food as she will turn her back and face the wall until they stop. she will lay in her crate and watch what’s going but would rather not be bothered”

Watch this space for rehoming info

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