REHOMED Buddy – 7 month old Cavalier cross

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Name: Buddy

Age: 7 months old

Breed: Cavalier cross

Can I live with Children: Yes

Can I live with cats: Not tested

Can I live with other dogs: Yes

Fostered In: RCT, South Wales

Buddy is a 7-month old Cavalier cross who is being fostered in RCT, South Wales. He is a playful and loving puppy who adores cuddles and is quick to adapt to new situations. He is cheeky and everything is a game to him. He will require further training in all areas and someone who is home for a lot of the day to do that.

People – Buddy loves people once he has been introduced to them.  He may bark and back away from strangers, but once he has been introduced to them gently, he is fine and very friendly. He is fine when meeting the visiting grandchildren in his foster home; cuddling up to them and falling asleep being stroked.

Dogs – Buddy loves being with other dogs and is learning a lot from them and gaining in confidence.  He would be happier if rehomed with another dog.

Cats – Not cat tested

In the home – Buddy is quick to learn rules.  He is not totally housetrained; we have a few accidents. Generally he is learning from the other dogs and goes out to the garden for toilet which he gets praised for.  He will use puppy pads if they are put in his favourite wee spot.  Buddy is crate trained and sleeps in an open crate during the day and takes himself off for bed at night-time and the door is closed. He does like a routine.  Buddy has not shown any destructive behaviour, he will pick up things like tissues or pegs but has not tried to destroy any belongings or furniture.  Buddy loves his toys but is not possessive of them at all, if another dog takes it off him he lets them but if he pinches a toy off another dog (they let him) he looks so pleased with himself!  Buddy has not yet been left for any length of time so this will need to be built up gradually in his new home.          

Out and about – Buddy loves going for walks, everything is a new adventure for him and he can’t wait to explore the whole world.  He needs a secure harness and possibly a collar lead also as it is unknown how he will react to an unfamiliar situation and he may squirm out of a collar or harness.  Buddy travels quite well in the car but does need to be restrained/crated to stop him from wandering.  Buddy loves going to the vets and meeting everyone there. We feel that Buddy would benefit in confidence to go to puppy classes and any potential home will need to demonstrate they have researched classes in their area

Type of home – Buddy would thrive in an active family home where he will have a lot of social interaction with people, other dogs, toys and someone to play with him and give him lots of cuddles.  He is a very active and friendly dog and will need a lot of exercise and play and cuddle times.  He also needs a home with a routine and consistent rules so he does not get confused.  He will need to continue his training that the whole family are involved in.  He needs consistent boundaries that the whole family will keep to. 

Buddy is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with his flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet him in his foster home in RCT, South Wales.

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