Updated rabbit adoption process during coronavirus

Our rabbit team have been extremely busy behind the scenes, with a few adoptions going ahead where the process was started before lockdown, and with urgent new arrivals coming in. Although neutering and vaccinations were stopped for a few weeks in April, they have been been going ahead since so we have rabbits ready and waiting for their forever home.

Sadly, as always, we are full – even with a number of fabulous new Rabbit Fosterers joining the team – so we need to find perfect forever homes for the rabbits who are ready to leave us to ensure we have room for those who need us now and in the future. 

All rabbits in rescues have suffered in some way so they deserve their forever home to be perfect… and we are determined to find it for them. Although there are many things that are needed to make the perfect forever home, the top three are space, patience and unconditional love. You will need to be able to offer all three in abundance and in return you will receive the warm fuzzy feeling that always comes with adopting, knowing you have done an amazing thing. Everything else can be learnt and, trust us, our rabbit team can ‘rabbit on’ endlessly about correct rabbit care. Always do your research though to make sure you fully understand what having rabbits in your life entails, remembering they can live for over a decade.

Our basic adoption process has not altered and we have not lowered our standards; however face to face home visits are currently not being done so interviews will be done on the phone with video call home checks so our re-homing team can view your rabbit set ups. Please be aware that once social distancing rules are relaxed, a member of the team may do a review visit.

In line with the other FOAW adoption teams, we are currently only accepting local rehoming applications within one hour’s travelling distance of the foster home.

Our adoption fees remain the same at £50 per rabbit (£90 for a bonded pair)

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