Special Appeal


We are launching a very special appeal today and we need your help and more importantly there are a few dogs who also need you…

We need you to help us find a very special sofa for these dogs. All have been with us a while and although not ready for adoption they are ready for the next step in their journey.

A mixture of histories and needs all with their own stories, some you will recognise and some have been a little quiet up until now.

This is where they must start to take centre stage and shine. We have made them ‘ the promise’ they will get their forever homes and we won’t let them down.

Beautiful Becki

A street dog who lost her leg in horrific circumstances, she is just at the beginning of her story. Becki has a long way to go and needs plenty of one to one interaction.

The big girls!

Doreen and Margaret, very nervous Doreen and Margaret who are so eager to trust. They to need plenty of attention they have come such along way already.


Yes believe it or not Teddi isn’t actually perfect but he is a love bug who needs direction in life. He needs some basic training and and maybe a few manners. Commitment is what Teddi must have in the future.


A very nervous little girl. Pippa has no trust initially. She hasn’t had a great start to life and it’s certainly taken it’s told. Pippa needs a exceptionally understanding home. She may never want to cuddle you or any affection must always be on her terms. A big ask of anyone we know but there is that one person out there for her and we have to find them.

All homes must be around for most of the day. No young children. We offer full support at all times and although we want to see them in a foster/forever home please understand these dogs have specific needs and each home must provide for these and be 100% committed.


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