Oreo & Jasper **Looking for long term foster home**

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Well, just like buses all coming along together, here’s another fantastic opportunity to join our team as a long term fosterer…. this time to care for Oreo, who will bring along his BFF Jasper – a pair of absolutely adorable guinea pigs. 

They are both two years old and have been with us a little while now as poor little Oreo has been through the wars a bit. He has a long term issue with his penis not fully retracting so has to be cleaned very regularly. Then in June, our poor boy developed an internal abscess in his tummy and had to have a very big operation for such a very small chap. He’s well on the road to recovery but will need a close eye kept on him. 

Jasper also had a lump removed before he came into us, but apart from regularly checking him over, he’s ‘as good as new’! 

Despite all he’s been through, Oreo is a real sweetie, and along with Jasper they really are a lovely friendly pair of guinea pigs.  They are looking for a quiet loving indoor home so a close eye can be kept on Oreo and he can be kept nice and clean. In exchange for that, these two boys will keep you amused with their funny little ways and cute antics! 

They will need as much room as possible – a spare room would be ideal with lots of tunnels and toys to keep them active and amused – as being typical boys they will scrap over food if kept in a small space!

Long term fostering means that FOAW will pay all their vet fees and provide monetary help towards travel costs to vet visits, but you will fund their day to day  needs and must have access to a car so that you are able to take them to any vet appointments they may need. You will also be part of a team which will help with advice and support if and when you need it.

If you think you can give our two precious boys the special home they need, please fill in the fostering form at the end of this link: FOSTERING FORM

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