Mr Benjamin White – FOREVER HOME FOUND

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We always knew Benjamin was special…. Now we know he’s pretty unique!

At FOAW we are big on bunny bonding and always rehome our rabbits to live with another rabbit as we believe they are happier with a friend of their own kind. However, there is always an exception to every rule…. And we have found ours!

We have tried really hard to find a friend for this big boy, but he’s having none of it. This could be due to him not having the best start in life, but we think it’s more likely because he has quite bad eyesight. When we try to do the introductions to a possible bun-friend, he gets very scared and lashes out. Because he is nearly five kilos he could injure himself, the other rabbit, and even a human who was in the way, and he gets so stressed we don’t think it is fair on him or any-bunny else to keep trying.

We have spoken to our vet and an animal behaviourist to make sure we do our very best for this beautiful boy and, taking into account their advice and experience, we are looking for a very special home for Benjamin and his ears!

Benjamin will need to live as a SINGLE FREE RANGE HOUSE RABBIT and, as he’s going to be the only rabbit ruling the roost, his human companions need to be around quite a lot so he has plenty of interaction and love.  Because of his poor eyesight he will need time to get to know you but once you are accepted he will sit for ages allowing you to provide head rubs and will thoroughly enjoy all the attention you lavish on him.

He will need a rabbit savvy home with no children under 12 (as he may nip when scared). He gets along with cats and dogs, although obviously mainly on his terms! He is an excellent hay muncher. Luckily, he is litter trained, which is essential for life as an indoor free roaming bunny. He does have a bit of a penchant for chewing wallpaper but we see this as either an endearing or useful trait! He will need plenty of toys to keep him happy and occupied. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.

If you think you are up to giving this special unique boy a special unique home, please click on the link below and fill in the adoption application form:

Application Form

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