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Name: Morgan

Age: 3 ½ years

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Fostered: Bracknell

Although shy to start with this cheeky little chap quickly becomes your friend and loves nothing better than a fuss and a tickle tummy. Morgan is a very active busy little boy who loves his toys and quickly catches on to new games.

Can live with children: Over tens only.

Can live with cats: He’s not been tested but would say as he is a terrier that cats and small furries would not be a good idea.

Can live with other dogs: Morgan enjoys the company of the fosters resident dogs and actively plays with the smaller dogs, he does find big boisterous dogs frightening and will bark at them to go away in the house, on walks he tends to hide behind his human. However he’s happy to walk along side bigger well behaved dogs in the pack.
Morgan can only be rehomed with a resident dog.

In the home: Morgan has settled to life in the home well preferring to sleep on the sofa when he can or on foster mums knee when available.
House training is a work in progress but he is doing very well, with accidents over night almost non existent.He will go in the garden every time he’s let out so he’s really got the idea now.
He currently sleeps with a resident foster dog in the kitchen at night, He doesn’t use a crate but would possibly use an open crate if it was made cosy.
He loves toys, particularly the soft squeaky variety and can get a little possessive over his favourites. He also loves a game of tuggy but hasn’t yet distinguished between a tuggy toy and his foster mums best towels! Morgan will happily help with any paper shredding duties you may have around the house and is pretty good at scaring off any pigeons that may frequent your garden!
He loves his food but hasn’t shown any aggression towards his fellow foster mate when feeding them together. Morgan can be left with a resident dog for up to 4 hours.

Out and about: Morgan has been walking with the foster’s resident dogs, he’s still finding out what the big wide world is all about and can be a little wary. He loves the forest but not the rain so much and can be a little resistant if its soggy under foot, but generally he is loving being out side.
He’s not very happy about being crated in the van, but is not travel sick.
Morgan is terrified of the vet, but he hasn’t been aggressive towards any of the staff of Foster mum, he just wants to escape, bless him

Type of home: Morgan needs someone who has terrier experience and the time to help this smart little boy reach his full potential. The ideal home would be with an active family (no children under 10) or retired person with at least 1 person at home for most of the day.

 Morgan is neutered, fully vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatment.


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