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So you all know we love bunny bonding at FOAW, firmly believing that – apart from the odd exception (there’s always one isn’t there Mr Benjamin White?!) – rabbits are far happier with a friend of their own kind. And, although our bunny bonders are extremely experienced, it is always an anxious time (think parent hovering when youngest child brings first suitor home!).  Will they like each other?  Are they behaving themselves?!  The only difference being our bonders are delighted to see licking of heads…. Parents I imagine not so much!!

Anyway, I’m rabbiting on…. Can you imagine our excitement when two lone bunnies did it all by themselves!  Fabulous foster mum Leanne sets the scene:

Mop was handed into FOAW after he was found as a stray in Porth. Straight away he was a friendly and calm fella, but he had matted fur, very long nails and slightly long teeth – all quickly sorted out with a visit to the vets (poor Mop got slightly more than he bargained for as we obviously took the opportunity to have him neutered!). However, he was a bit of a worry as he started to lose weight.  Back to the vets, who did loads of tests which were all absolutely normal and it was put it down to him having gone through so much and being lonely.

Then along came Petra. She was surrendered to us by a lovely lady who had numerous animals and felt she could not give them the care they deserved, so selflessly contacted us.  Petra was in good condition but very nervous”

Now I need to tell you that Leanne has simply the best set up for rabbits, and they all have loads of space to explore and binky around the garden. Leanne says that Mop was in his element but poor Petra was petrified of the large garden on her own and would hide under a hutch the whole time.

Leanne continues “Mop showed great interest in Petra, so I decided to introduce them, and they fell in love instantly. They still had their own separate runs but they would always spend time close to one another.  Then one morning, I found Mop in Petra’s run, laying together – and that was that – they were an item – self bonded – obviously it was meant to be and Mop’s a determined little fella”.

Now Petra has Mop, she is becoming much braver and starting to enjoy life, and Mop continues to just be Mop! They are used to having the run of Foster Mum’s garden so have high demands when it comes to space to run about.  The more space they have, the happier they are and they are simply a delight to watch enjoying playing with each other.  Prepare for much time spent just watching rabbits!

They are both excellent hay eaters so, as with all rabbits, will need an endless supply. Mop will need to be brushed more than most rabbits because of his fabulous fur – or as Leanne puts it – long auburn flowing locks!

Mop and Petra are both fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered and are now looking for their perfect forever home together. So, if you’re looking for a ready made pair of extremely gorgeous rabbits, look no further – just click on the link below and fill in the adoption application form:

Application Form

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