REHOMED Lulu and Dixie – 4-year old Chihuahuas – South Wales

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Name: Lulu and Dixie

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Chihuahua

Can I live with Children: Sensible over 7s

Can I live with cats: Yes

Can I live with other dogs: Yes 

Fostered In: South Wales

Dixie and Lulu are a 4-year old bonded pair of Chihuahuas who are being rehomed together.  They both enjoy being cuddled and loved. Dixie is a little nervous but not painfully so, she will still bounce around you to get attention and show she wants to be your friend. Like all friends, they do have the occasional squabble when they are vying for attention, but they love to be together. One thing to note health wise is that Dixie has a grade 3 heart murmur and although she shows no clinical symptoms, the vet has prescribed half a vetmedin twice a day for the rest of her life. 

People – Dixie and Lulu are Velcro dogs and love nothing better than to cuddle up to humans, their forever home must be prepared to cuddle them. Dixie can be nervous with strangers but once she know you, loves fuss. They will not cope with small boisterous children so will only be rehomed with sensible over 7s.

Dogs –   Dixie and Lulu are fine to live with other dogs and enjoy meeting other dogs while out on walks.

Cats – Both dogs live with cats in their foster home, despite the cats trying to get them to react to them by strolling past provocatively!

In the home – Dixie and Lulu will toilet in the garden and on walks but as foster mum works part time, they will both use washable training mats if they need to go when nobody is home or the weather is particularly inclement. Dixie and Lulu sleep in the lounge at night with the door shut so they not disturbed by the nocturnal cats. They sleep well all night, with several beds and sofas to choose from but will often snuggle together in the smallest bed they can find. They eat apart at mealtimes as Dixie will finish Lulu’s food and Lulu ends up not eating much otherwise! Although not destructive in the home, Dixie will try to eat small items, therefore, care needs to be taken that she cannot hurt herself by eating bits of plastic or wrappers that may fall to the floor.

Out and about – Dixie and Lulu are wonderful to walk, they are happy in harnesses and on leads and trot along loving the smells and excitement of the outside world. Dixie is a little nervous when meeting new people and dogs, whilst Lulu just can’t wait to say hello to every person she meets.  Dixie and Lulu are very human orientated, they mix with other dogs well but only need each other and loving humans in their forever home, therefore can be homed with or without other dogs. Dixie and Lulu will need a minimum of two 15 minute walks a day to keep them fit and healthy as small dogs are prone to put on weight and become unhealthy and unsocialised if not exercised regularly.

Dixie and Lulu travel in a bed together in the car and are secured with seat belt harnesses. They have travelled up to 2 hours in the car with their foster family and were completely content.

Dixie and Lulu are well behaved at the vets though a little nervous with the sights and sounds so prone to shaking. Foster Mum takes them to the vets in cat carriers to ensure they feel safe and secure

Type of home – Dixie and Lulu can live with a family that works to 5 to 6 hours a day as long as they have each other for company and have had morning feeding, cuddles, play/walk time and have plenty of access to fresh water, toys, toilet mats and a big room to exercise in when left alone. Foster Mum leaves a radio on for company and following a month in foster they have recently graduated from having a large lounge to themselves to being allowed to wander upstairs when foster mum is not home.

 They are neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with their flea and worming treatment. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet them in their foster home in Rhondda, South Wales

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